Hi, I’m Lauren

Hi, I’m Lauren

Hi, I'm Lauren. A 27 year old dreamer from Northern Ireland. This is my little corner of the internet where I will be sharing my beauty loves, travels and ramblings. Contact me at bloglaurenr@gmail.com

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2019 Aims and Goals

January 9, 2019 No Comments

2019 Aims and Goals

January 9, 2019 No Comments

We’re now five days into the new year, and I’m finally sitting down to write a new post. And of course, how else can I kick off this years posts than by outlining my goals and aims for the year. You might notice I’m not using the term resolution for the purposes of this post. That’s because I actually don’t like to do them. I know a lot of you might be saying that no matter what I call them, they’re all the same thing, but I disagree. Resolutions can be ‘broken’ whereas aims and goals can not. And for me, that makes all the difference.

1. Try new things

One of my highlights of 2018, was starting a new hobby… Aerial Silks. For me, it was completely out of my comfort zone but turned out to be one of the best and most fun things I have ever done. Normally I find it hard to stick to any exercise related activities, but I’ve been doing Silks for five months now and don’t ever want to stop. So this year, I want to continue to try new things. I’ve already decided to start learning how to knit, but I also want to start another fitness class/activity.

2. Save more money

Ok, so I say this EVERY year, but this year I really mean it. I’ve set up new accounts so that I don’t have everything in one place, and I am determined to make this my year for saving. I’m not going to try any saving challenges are anything like that, but I have came up with a system that is simple for me yet should hopefully be efficient. Hopefully I can put up a blog post about it in a few months (if not, you’ll know just how badly my saving is going!).

3. Improve my flexibility

As I have already mentioned, I started Silks last year, and I can’t wait to get back to it this year. One of my main aims from this year is definitely to improve my flexibility. I would love to be able to do the splits by the end of the year. It’s going to take a lot of work, an I will have to make sure to do my stretches almost every day, but hopefully this is something I can achieve. I also want to start practicing my handstands. At the minute I can do a headstand so hopefully I can achieve the handstand soon.

4. Finish my course

Last year I started my level 4 CIM course, and I only have one module left to do. Hopefully I will be doing this in April which means by the summer I should have it completed.

5. Read 20 books

Last year I read so little. I only read about ten books throughout the entire year. So this year I want to double that (but secretly want to read a lot more). I already have quite a few books on my bedside table that I need to read, and there’s a few more on my wish list. And if anyone else has any suggestions then let me know below.

6. Get out more

I started the year off with a lovely walk around the Giants Causeway, and it made me realise how little of my home country I actually explore. So this year I want to try and make sure I explore lots of different places.

7. Travel to new countries

Last year I visited Germany, Malta and Greece, and this year I want to add more new countries to my list. Hopefully I’ll tick off a few more European countries and maybe even some more further afield.

What aims and goals do you have for this year? And what is your opinion or resolutions vs aims and goals?


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